Sean William Calhoun | Composer and pianist

More Recordings:

Constellated Traces, for small orchestra

Abyss Lustre, for flute and harp

The Light Flickers, for vibraphone and piano

Snowdrift, for harp and piano

Diptych, for solo guitar

Mobile I: Flurry, for solo flute

Mobile II: Red Arcing, for solo flute

Close Enough, for two percussionists playing identical sets of four different things

Metamorphose, for solo flute

Gradients, for chamber orchestra

Sonatina for Baritone Saxophone and Piano

Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano

Obsidian, for two baritone saxophones, percussion, and piano

Suite for Solo Double Bass

Branching, for nay, chang, tanbur, and string quintet

Dew and Glass, for flute and guitar

Edgedancer, for wind ensemble

Windrunner, for flute and piano

Divertimento, for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano

Tendrils Above, for solo flute

Laser Gazelle, for two bari saxophones, contrabassoon, and bass trombone

Departure, for solo piano

Bassoon Sonata

Coruscation, for orchestra

Chiaroscuro, for solo harp

Gargoyle, for trombone quartet

Suite for Trumpet and Harp

Pairings, for saxophone trio

A Herald on the Wind, for trumpet and piano

Tale for Solo Violin

Core, for piano trio

Suite for Solo Horn

Escenas de Ecuador, for 10 or 11 violins

Invention, for oboe and piano

Elegy, for orchestra