Sean William Calhoun | Composer and pianist

Escenas de Ecuador, for ten or eleven violins (2011) – 10'

I. Chimborazo
II. Sanjuanito
III. La Campania
IV. Pasillo
V. Quito
Escenas de Ecuador was composed for Professor Carolyn Huebl’s studio recital, which was a benefit for Camp Hope in Ecuador. The piece is divided into five continuous, interconnected movements. The first, Chimborazo, is named after the tallest mountain in Ecuador, and uses all the parts individually. The next three movements highlight groups of soloists – Sanjuanito, named for an Ecuadorian dance, has Violins 1–3 as soloists; La Compania, named after an old, ornate cathedral in Ecuador, has Violins 4–7 as soloists; Pasillo, named after another Ecuadorian dance, has Violins 8–10 as soloists. Quito, named after the capital city of Ecuador, has all the parts independent again, and at times has each section playing in the style for which they were the soloists in the middle movements. The piece concludes serenely, returning to the sonorities and theme from the beginning.

Recording and score

Recording by Professor Carolyn Huebl’s violin studio