Sean William Calhoun | Composer and pianist

Suite for Solo Double Bass (2014) – 20'

I. Loom
II. Footprints
III. Passacaglia
IV. Sever
V. Flux
The Suite is cast in five interconnected movements. The first, Loom, is a slow, heavy introduction of some of the main thematic material from which the suite will be woven. The second, Footprints, is a brief interlude, lighter and largely pizzicato. The suite centers around the third movement, the expansive and dramatic Passacaglia, with an inexorable line, sometimes stretched, contracted, or inverted. The fourth movement, Sever, is another interlude, this time of broken harmonics. The final movement, Flux, is rapid, switching between rhythmic patterns until it is overtaken by a return of the passacaglia line, which brings the suite to its close.


Recording by Alex Fournier.