Sean William Calhoun | Composer and pianist

Tale, for Solo Violin (2012) – 20'

I. Prologue
II. Commedia
III. Drama
IV. Intermezzo
V. Climax
VI. Epilogue
Tale is a suite of six movements, all with theatric titles. The major seventh (or minor second) of D-C# runs throughout the work, beginning every movement. The slow "Prologue" sets the stage for the rest of the suite. "Commedia" is playful, switching between arco and pizzicato playing. "Drama" is the center of the work — the longest and heaviest movement. "Interlude" is a short, lyrical movement that leads into the virtuosic "Climax," bringing together themes from the previous movements. "Epilogue" is a quiet resolution and farewell.


Recording by Ben Hummel, Mary Loftus, Ann Mills, violins