Sean William Calhoun | Composer and pianist

Sean William Calhoun composes music of vibrant harmonies, written with performers in mind. His collaborations have included Maelstrom (for thirteen saxophones), composed for the Eastman Saxophone Project, Fluctuations (for violin, bass clarinet, and marimba), composed for the trio F-PLUS; Sparks Descending, for Kylwyria; Abyss Lustre (for flute and harp), Sonata for Flute and Piano, and Windrunner, composed for flutist Emma Resmini; and Rushing Asunder, for solo harp, for harpist Rosanna Moore. His orchestral work Constellated Traces was selected to be premiered by the Eastman School Symphony Orchestra in fall 2018. The Peabody Wind Ensemble, conducted by Harlan Parker, premiered his piece Edgedancer. Read full bio

Please look through the list of works – it probably contains a piece or few for your instrument.