Sean William Calhoun | Composer and pianist

The Unraveling Barrier, for vibraphone and electronics (fixed media) (2023) – 21'

I. Exposure
II. Collapsing Orbit
III. Dendrite
IV. Alloy
The Unraveling Barrier is a cross between a vibraphone concerto and an edm EP. The work doesn’t have a strict narrative, and rather than try to describe specific events, here are fragments from an imaginary text to set the atmosphere (like chapter epigraphs in a novel):


“It appears alongside us, imitating our forms and motions with its uncanny sheen,”
“...whatever weave separates it (them?) from us is becoming permeable,”
“...unnaturally shifting spectra…”
“...iterating faster, restoring whatever form first breached…”
“The echoes ascend, but we remain.”

Collapsing Orbit:

“We see them far above and feel them far beneath,”
“...circling, moving ever closer and faster,"
”...becoming fully entrained…”
“...droplets crystallizing into forms resembling our first…”
“All draw together; all pull apart.”


“They form a lattice, supporting and binding all within it,”
“...propagating through structures and through us,”
“...two flows of time, superimposed…”
“...a synaesthesia of elements and hues…”
“Our memories persist, while we transcend.”


“Energy now rushes around and through our essence,”
“…vast columns locking into place,”
“…unwinding the vines of inertia…”
“…unfettered fusion, creating resonance…”
“Amidst the conflagration, we coruscate brighter.”

The Unraveling Barrier was composed for Hannah Weaver.