Sean William Calhoun | Composer and pianist

Suite on C, for solo violoncello (2013) – 20'

I. Commence
II. Collapse
III. Continue
IV. Courante
V. Contrast
VI. Coalesce
VII. Converge
VIII. Conclude
The Suite on C — intentionally "on," not "in" — is based on the low open C of the cello. Different movements interact with it in different ways, some frequently returning to it, some avoiding it. Commence builds up from open C, while Collapse keep falling toward it without landing until Continue, which begins to rebuild from the wreckage. Courante is a Baroque dance that keeps taking odd turns, while Contrast is capricious — the lightest movement of the suite. In Coalesce, elements from the previous two movements merge, while Converge brings in material from the early movements to build to climax. Conclude is a quiet farewell, sinking back into the C.