Sean William Calhoun | Composer and pianist

Prismatic Threads, for harp duo (2018) – 9'

Prismatic Threads was composed for the duo Artemis94, consisting of harpists Rosanna Moore and Kristina Finch. It begins with several iterations of the note C splitting into other notes, particularly at tritones, before harp 1 launches into a rhythmic melody (based on equal-tempered approximations of the Gb overtone series), while harp 2 plays bursts of arpeggiations based on different overtone series (D, then C). These bright contrasting colors created by intersecting overtone series recur throughout the piece, as does the rhythm from the melody. The rhythmic melody transforms into a lilting, lyrical melody passed between the harps, which acts as a second main version of the theme. These two hues of the theme develop and interweave throughout the duo, culminating in the original form sounding amidst sonorous tritone-related overtone chords, finally coming back into alignment.