Sean William Calhoun | Composer and pianist

Postludes for Piano (2013-2018) – 26'

To steal the void
Exeunt left
Ad Astra
The Postludes for piano are a set I've been gradually adding to over a few years (and will probably continue to a little more, but presently there are these ten). I was bothered by the prevalence of preludes that did not precede anything, so decided to counterbalance them with a set of postludes that didn't follow anything.
Departure is about enigmatic resonant chords and wanting something easy I could play on my undergraduate senior recital.
Flickering is about quick, shimmering figures and fading away.
Descent is about a continuous sequence of falling Phrygian tetrachords.
Evaporation is about brief, rapid figures rising to join the air.
To steal the void is about a stark progression emerging from a caliginous void.
Exeunt left is about the right hand, because the left hand has left.
Mirage is about moving in thirds and Brahms.
Cadence is about tonal cadences, cadential figures, and a canon.
Shivering is about tremoli and emptiness and a little bit about overtones.
Ad Astra is about ascending and split-third chords.


Recording by Sean William Calhoun, piano