Sean William Calhoun | Composer and pianist

Trio for two violins and viola (2013) – 20'

I. Paths
II. Elegy
III. Gigue
I noticed a tendency for trios of two violins and a viola to form when would-be string quartets lacked a cellist, and such groups almost inevitably wound up reluctantly playing Dvorák’s Terzetto. I figured I could at least give them a good alternative, so I composed this trio. The first movement, Paths, is in sonata form, with a lively first theme passed through the trio and more somber second theme introduced in the second violin, although at the beginning of the development, a new rhythmic motive is abruptly introduced. Following more turbulent development, the triumphant recapitulation arrives, and leads in turn to an even more energetic coda. The second movement, Elegy, is generally rather slow and stark, with moments of warmth. The final movement is a vigorous Gigue, with frequent imitation both on its own theme and on the first theme of the trio.