Sean William Calhoun | Composer and pianist

Clearing, for violin and alto saxophone (2018) – 12'

I. Mist 1
II. Twist
III. Mist 2
IV. Twine
V. Mist 3
VI. Tightrope
Clearing, composed for saxophonist Zach Stern and violinist Sophia Han, is in three pairs of movements — the three Mist movements are amorphous, with fragments of melodies from preceding or upcoming movements emerging and receding. The second movement’s title, Twist refers to the beats within measures being rotated around, frequently keeping the measure length constant while its internal pattern remains unpredictable. Twine threads the instruments’ lines around each other, with a slow, solemn chorale materializing twice. Tightrope launches the duo into rapid metrical changes using melodies and figures from preceding movements