Sean William Calhoun | Composer and pianist

Brace, for two trombonists on alternate instruments (2018) – 10'

I. Pincer
II. Procession
III. Breach
Brace was composed for the Music City Trombone Duo. They wanted a piece for them to each play their alternate instruments, so, over the course of the piece, Jeremy, ordinarily a tenor trombonist, plays Baroque posaune, bass trumpet, and bass trombone; Brian, ordinarily a bass trombonist, plays jazz tenor trombone, euphonium, and contrabass trombone. The first movement, Pincer, centers around a short figure that contracts in on itself, developing both into a compressed two-note motive and into a longer melody. Procession is dignified, with a slow melody developing into imitative figures between the bass trumpet and euphonium. Breach is loud.