Sean William Calhoun | Composer and pianist

Lambency, for solo vibraphone (2019) – 11'

I. Shadowed Trails
II. Ketek
III. The Fey
The title, Lambency, refers both to the tone of the vibraphone and to the approach of the movements — they emphasize color, but softly, never flaring or building up high speed. Shadowed Trails features imitative two-part counterpoint. Ketek is the name of a poetic form, which is palindromic not by letters but by words in Brandon Sanderson’s series The Stormlight Archive — this is rendered musically as a palindrome of 11 phrases, with phrase 1 the same as phrase 11, phrase 2 the same as phrase 10, etc., with phrase 6, the longest, the only unrepeated phrase. The Fey has a melody built out of a short figure over luminous shifting harmonies.